Overview COX06A
Laminated Timber Columns: Structural Characteristics
Learning Objectives:
1. Explain the Construction of the Laminated Timber Column
2. Describe the importance of proper & sustainable fiber sourcing, pressure treating to ground contact, Kiln drying and a structural adhesive
3. Identify the Structural Advantages of Built-up Timber Columns
4. Identify the job site advantages of Laminated Columns

For Cox Wood, sustainability is responsibility when dealing with our impact on the environment as well as our role in society. At Cox we work every day to make ourselves as sustainable as possible. This includes our lean manufacturing, partner education programs, development of Energy Star certified products, AIA education courses, employee education development, local Habitat for Humanity projects, efficient use of energy, water and waste via the EPA's Wastewise program, plant certifications implemented for SFI & FSC certified wood and much more.
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Course number: COX06A
Credits: 1 AIA HSW CE Hour
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