Climate Zoned Cladding and Contemporary Commercial Solutions with Fiber Cement Siding
Learning Objectives:
1. List common selection criteria for various siding options
2. Describe why fire, wind, hail/impact resistance, and other physical properties are important for long term siding performance
3. Define Fiber Cement
4. Describe new climate zoned cladding and why these systems are essential to the longevity of your design
5. Compare and contrast the two FCS cladding climate zones
6. Illustrate new panel cladding and describe how this is helping designers meet emerging demands for contemporary commercial design aesthetics
7. Describe the best practices for cutting fiber cement siding
8. List 6 benefits of fiber cement siding

James Hardie Commercial serves the needs of U.S. multi-family and commercial architects and builders by providing world class support and a range of services to help improve quality, reduce costs and ensure Best Practice installations. James Hardie Commercial recently unveiled two new panel products: Hardie® Reveal™ Panel and Artisan® Matrix™ Panel. These products bring a range of features and benefits to light commercial architecture, including expanded design flexibility, visual appeal, and easy installation.
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Number of questions: 10
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