Mechanical Parking Solutions for Modern Urban Density
Learning Objectives:
1. Define mechanical parking
2. Describe dependent access parking stackers’ uses and limitations
3. List the different types of independent access parking stackers
4. Explain puzzle lifts, how they work and what their advantages are
5. Describe fully automatic machines and why they might be used
6. Compare and contrast the different stackers and lifts and describe when each would be appropriate for use
7. Describe what type of cars are suitable for each lift
8. Describe the design requirements for each parking type

Klaus Multiparking is the world leader in parking systems with over 500,000 cars on Klaus lifts in 65 countries. Klaus has been manufacturing car lifts since 1964 and offers a full range of models from simple lifts to fully automatic systems. With representatives on the East and West Coast as well as in Canada, Klaus can help meet the needs of any project.
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Number of questions: 10
Format: Multiple Choice and True/False
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