Three Coat Stucco System
Learning Objectives:
1.Identify what the features and characteristics are in using Three-Coat Stucco Systems
2.Illustrate the basics of Three-Coat Stucco system detailing
3.Identify the different ways to color “Three-Coat Stucco” and also the various finishes available
4.Describe the various Care and Maintenance methods and techniques for Three-Coat Stucco

SMA is a non-profit trade association comprised of the major manufacturers of stucco in North America and their related suppliers. Since 1957, SMA has actively engaged in promoting the products manufactured by our members, while holding high standards. Our members, the leaders in the industry, are committed to maintaining the highest levels of product quality,business ethics and professionalism among the membership and the building industry.
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Note: A score of 80% or higher is required to receive a certificate of completion.
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