Overview ALP07B
MCM/ACM Paint Systems and the Building Envelope
Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the purpose and function of MCM/ACM panels
2. Discuss the different types of MCM/ACM paint finishes in terms of application and performance (weatherability/durability) for a building envelope
3. Discuss testing and standards for aluminum substrate finishes and the three main quantitative performance measurements (gloss retention, color retention, chalking) that contribute to the longevity of a project
4. Explain proper installation of paint finished MCM/ACM panels in addition to other design considerations

ALPOLIC is part of Mitsubishi Plasticís family of world-renowned companies. As the #1 ACM manufacturer in the world, ALPOLIC produces a wider variety of ACM and MCM panels, for both interior and exterior applications, than any other manufacturer, including an affordable fire-resistant product that sets the standard. For more information, visit us online.
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