Overview TRA07A
Roofing Solutions for Alpine Regions
Learning Objectives:
1. State the common roofing challenges that are unique to cold climates
2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the everyday solutions to snow and ice difficulties
3. Compare the accepted roof design practices in Europe to those in the United States and Canada
4. Explain the concepts and effectiveness of roof ventilation and snow retention in reducing snow and ice problems
5. List the factors to be considered in the proper engineering of snow retention devices

TRA Snow and Sun was originally named TRA Snow Brackets when it was founded by Terry Anderson, the owner of Anderson Associates Consulting, in 1996. Although he had years of experience solving roof problems , it wasn’t until Anderson traveled to snow areas of Europe that he finally discovered how to prevent damage caused by snow and ice sliding off roofs. Learning that the European solutions were very different from standard practices in the US, he brought that knowledge back to America and was able to design Snow Brackets (also sometimes referred to as snow guards), and Snow Fences for all types of roofs as well as help establish the concept of cold roof systems in the US. Learn More
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