Overview CAR06A
Wide Plank Wood Flooring: Design Considerations
Learning Objectives:
1. Describe the benefits of wide plank wood flooring over alternative floor finishes
2. Identify various available species and finishes of wide plank floor material
3. Describe selection, mill and finishing practices that yield best long-term stability in wide plank flooring systems
4. Address moisture control, measurement, and testing of concrete substrates for wood floors

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is the leader in luxury wide plank hardwood floors for residential and commercial spaces. From the intrinsic beauty in the remarkably dense grain pattern of heartwood from carefully selected old-growth trees to the artisan craftsmanship that shapes and refines each board, every Carlisle Wide Plank Floor is truly a work of art. Carlisle specializes in wide plank pine floor options, wide plank oak floors, and wide plank reclaimed flooring and antique flooring. Custom stains for Carlisle wood floors are available to create the exact light or dark wood floor that customers desire.
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