Overview ETR05A
Innovations in Extruded Aluminum Corners and Trims
Learning Objectives:
1.Describe the history of corner and trim boards in terms of popular materials used
2. Outline the key differences between extruded aluminum corners and trims and bent steel trims
3. Specify the key difference between a direct and indirect extrusion manufacturing process and how this impacts metallurgical and dimensional attributes
4. Define what extruded aluminum corners and trims are and why they are gaining increased popularity with architects, tradespeople and homeowners
5. Explain the cost and installation benefits of extruded aluminum corners and trims over traditional trim materials
6. Express Sustainable Design concepts
7. Detail how extruded aluminum corners and trims are used as architectural elements in modern architecture
8. Convey the key differences between extruded aluminum corners and trims designed for outdoor use

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