Overview NYS07A
Managing Building Movement with Joints
Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the requirements for expansion joints including the amount and direction of movement as well as the geometry or location of the joint
2. Answer critical questions regarding expansion joint requirements with regards to: Location; i.e. Floor loads and flush mounted for ADA; Fire separation; Sound, thermal and moisture separation; Finish closure; Aesthetic consideration
3. Select, detail and specify the expansion joint(s) elements: Select and develop a list of all joints (interior wall, exterior wall, etc); Detail the connection of the joint to the substrate
4.Discuss installation tips and best practices

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Course number: NYS07A
Credits: 1 AIA HSW CE Hour
Credit applies to: Organizations
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Number of questions: 10
Format: Multiple Choice and True/False
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Note: A score of 80% or higher is required to receive a certificate of completion.
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