Industrial Resinous Flooring Systems
Learning Objectives:
1. Compare resinous flooring systems by recognizing the importance of selecting the right flooring system based on performance and the client's needs
2. Summarize the design components used in each flooring systems, clarify why they are important, and explain proper specification
3. Explain surface preparation for successful seamless fluid applied resinous floor covering.
4. Discuss installation and application of seamless fluid-applied resinous floor systems
5. Summarize the benefits of a quality coating system and the value of coating performance related to the reviewed case studies provided

Elite Crete Systems, Inc. is a world leading developer and manufacturer of specialty high-performance flooring products for: decorative/architectural concrete systems and finsihes, concrete surface repair and protection, custom/seamless fluid aplied commercial flooring, and industrial high-wear protective floor coatings. We provide versatile applications for commercial flooring, residential flooring, and industrial flooring.
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