Avoiding Moisture Problems During Construction
Learning Objectives:
1. Identify construction moisture problems
2. Evaluate drying techniques
3. Understand basic psychrometrics
4. Learn about desiccant dehumidification
5. Compare desiccant and heat technologies
6. Examine mold-related issues
7. Review case studies
8. Prepare a climate control spec

Please be sure to download and read the supplemental material: Is Dehumidification or Heat Better in Construction Drying?

Founded in 1955 as part of Munters Corporation, Polygon is a pioneer and industry leader in the world of drying technology and engineered temporary climate solutions. The company established the use of desiccant dehumidification more than 60 years ago and has continued to advance the industry with the latest technology and the most energy efficient dehumidification and temperature control equipment available.
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