Snow Retention Devices: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Learning Objectives:
1. Describe the history/methods of snow control on rooftops
2. Identify the proper snow retention devices for various roof types
3. Explain how and where you should use snow retention and what systems perform better on specific roof types
4. List the common myths and misperceptions behind snow retention
5. Learn how to properly calculate and layout snow retention systems without sacrificing performance
6. Explain the proper specification of snow guards

S-5! is the largest and most highly specified manufacturer of attachment systems for metal roofs and metal buildings.  Founded more than 25 years ago by Rob Haddock, an international expert in metal roofing, S-5! is the industry leader in tested and engineered systems to safely attach “nearly anything” to a metal roof.  With nearly 2 million successful projects world-wide, S-5! systems attach snow retention, solar panels, wind control devices, utility items and other devices with patented non-penetrating clamps and through fastened brackets that are tested on, and approved by, most every metal roof and building manufacturer worldwide.  These devices protect the integrity of the roof, reduce the building owners liability and last for the life of the roof.
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