Designing Adhered Masonry Veneer
Learning Objectives:
1. Present the differences between a cavity wall and an adhered masonry veneer
2. Explain the typical issues with improper installation of adhered masonry veneers
3. Discuss the products used in adhered masonry veneer systems
4. Explore installation techniques to improve wall performance

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Mortar Net Solutions develops, distributes, and supports innovative moisture management solutions for masonry construction. The company was founded in 1992 by Tom Sourlis and Colin Munro. From its founding the company has made a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. Recycled materials make up a large proportion of Mortar Net Solutions' products. Low VOC compounds are identified and promoted for use with the company's products. Sustainability is an important outcome of using solutions developed by Mortar Net Solutions that extend the useful life of masonry structures by reducing susceptibility to moisture damage and insect infestation.
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