Design Engineering and Exterior Light-Gauge Steel Framing Basics
Learning Objectives:
1. List the features and characteristics of light-gauge steel C-stud and track products
2. Explain the SFIA nomenclature and ASTM standards for light-gauge steel framing products
3. List the characteristics and usage of different types of exterior deflection systems
4. Describe bridging systems, including spacer bars, U-channels, and block and strap bridging
5. Explain the types of headers, including box headers, I-beam headers, and U-shaped headers
6. Describe how to avoid common mistakes when framing with light-gauge steel products

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Course number: DIE05H
Credits: 1 AIA HSW CE Hour
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Number of questions: 10
Format: Multiple Choice and True/False
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Note: A score of 80% or higher is required to receive a certificate of completion.
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