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If you are having difficulties viewing a course or taking a quiz please take the time to review one of our tutorials to better understand our course and quiz process. After reviewing our tutorials should you still have issues contact our support by email at support@ronblank.com or call 800-248-6364 Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM CST.

Step 1. Review the outline and notes provided on the Overview tab.
Step 2. Ensure that you are logged in. This is required to view the course or take a quiz. You will find the login in the top left corner of any Design Professionals page. If you have not yet created an account, simply click on the "create an account" link located below the login fields.
Step 3. View and study the CE course by clicking on the Course tab. This is estimated to require an average time of fifty minutes. Use the media player buttons located at the bottom of the screen, below the course presentation, to navigate through the course slides, adjust your screen size, or to utilize the interactive features such as the pen and highlight tools. The left sidebar in the course will provide additional course navigation features such as the outline, thumbnails, and search.
Step 4. Take the Course Completion Quiz by clicking on the Quiz tab. For additional Quiz instructions click the Quiz Instructions tab above.
Step 5. Upon successful completion of the Quiz, print or save your Certificate of Completion.
Step 6. Return to the Course Overview page to review the course sponsor information or to ask the expert a question by contacting the telephone number provided.
Step 7. Return to the course listing page to take another course by selecting the Online Courses link located above, beneath the Design Professionals banner.
All courses may only be taken once every 3 years for credit. You can revisit and review any course at any time. You are able to review your transcript by clicking on the View Transcript link located under your login, in the top left corner of any Design Professionals page while you are logged in. From your Transcript, you are able to view and print your Certificate of Completion and calculate the number of CE hours you have earned for the year.
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