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Google uses external links to websites to determine search page ranking!
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Sharing website traffic by Cross-Linking is advantageous when both parties have similiar website demographics. Consider putting a www.RonBlank.com logo banner with an external link to our website to provide additional resources for your users and we will reciprocate by linking to yours.
1. When you link to www.RonBlank.com you provide your users with additional tools and free continuing education courses to save them time and money.
2. Consider if our website traffic would build your visitor traffic. We have over 90,000 architects, engineers, landscape architects, interior designers and other design professionals visit our website to take continuing education courses.
3. Cross-linking is easy to setup. Simply prepare the following then contact our Webmaster.
Click here to Download* our cross-linking information and install our logo banner link on your website
A link to where our logo banner is on your website
Your logo or banner image, (195 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall), in JPG or GIF format
Where you want your logo banner to link to your website (example http://www.RonBlank.com )
A short descriptive tagline for your website
4. Contact our webmaster using the button below and you will be provided with details to complete the process!
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Jeremiah Buttler
IT Manager, Webmaster
Once our Webmaster receives your email request to cross-link, he will verify information and email your contact a confirmation of your cross link.
Cross Linking Policy: At any time either party may request to cancel crossing-linking by sending a verified request to the appropriate contact.
* NOTE - Download includes cross-linking information for our affiliate, www.GreenCE.com
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