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An Introduction to BIM & Automated Specifications
NARRATED VIDEO In this advanced one hour course, we will discuss Building Information Modeling and how this technology has optimized the building design process. We will take a more in depth look at how current specification management works and discuss an idea for improving the currently disjointed method. We will introduce automated specification management systems and present a tutorial to detail the features and functions of this new specification system. Finally, we will discuss best practices for introduciing automated specification management into you firm's workflow.
INT00A - Sponsored by InterSpec / eSPECS
How to Win Good Architecture Projects Consistently
NARRATED VIDEO - Today's clients are more immune than ever to traditional advertising and marketing methods. Competition is fierce and to most prospective clients, all architects look alike. How do you differentiate yourself in a crowded market?

In this 90 minute presentation you'll discover a little-known but highly effective 3 step process to attract and win high quality clients and projects without spending all of your time and money networking, or using traditional advertising and marketing methods.
AMI00A - Sponsored by Architect Marketing Institute
Integrally Colored Concrete
Find everything you need to know about coloring concrete with integral (mixed in) colors. Review the wide spectrum of colors that are used, the application process, and the benefits of integral color concrete that give it a long-lasting appeal.
DAV03A - Sponsored by Davis Colors
Designing Adhered Masonry Veneer
NARRATED VIDEO - This course will better inform the design professional on the differences betweena cavity wall and an adhered masonry veneer. We will also more closely examine the products in adhered masonry veneers and cover the installation techniques that improve overall wall performance
MOR04B - Sponsored by Mortar Net USA, Ltd.
Access Ladders & Stairways: Design and Code Solutions
This course will discuss different types of ladders and various applications in which they can be safely used. The designer will also learn about codes and minimum requirements necessary to adhere to standards both dimensionally and for fire ratings.
PLL05B - Sponsored by Precision Ladders, LLC
Architectural Castings: Traditional Elegance & Tomorrow's History
NARRATED VIDEO In this course you will learn about the history and evolution of bronze and brass castings and their impact on the world. From simple beginnings to modern day technology you will gain insight and understanding of the sand casting process. The benefits of cast metal signs and plaques will be identified versus other sign options. There are virtually unlimited options available for communicating your message with cast signs and plaques. You will also learn about the cost effectiveness, quick turnaround time, and long term benefits of using cast metal signs.
MDM05A - Sponsored by MARCOZA Castings
Architectural Fire Rated Joint Assemblies
NARRATED VIDEO - Through an evaluation on head-of-wall, bottom-of-wall and wall-to-wall assemblies, as well as the UL standards for approval, the design professional will have a better understanding of the components involved with each application. In addition, we will review what design professionals should consider when specifying protection of dynamic or static head-of-wall joints.
CEM05F - Sponsored by California Expanded Metal Company / CEMCO
Cold-Formed Steel Framing 101 - An Introduction to the New Metal Framing Industry
NARRATED VIDEO - This course is designed to provide architects, designers, engineers, and specification writers a practical and useful foundation of knowledge to better understand the current cold-formed steel framing industry and how it supports the most recent standards for code compliance, structural/fire/sound requirements and sustainability.
CEM05G - Sponsored by California Expanded Metal Company / CEMCO
Design Engineering and Exterior Light-Gauge Steel Framing Basics
This course provides a basic overview of exterior light-gauge steel framing, as well as the characteristics and usage of different types of exterior deflection systems. Review how to avoid common mistakes when framing, and the ASTM standards for light-gauge steel framing products.
DIE05H - Sponsored by ClarkDietrich Building Systems
Designing With Shear Walls For Low To Midrise Construction
Understand how to design with shear walls for low to midrise construction. The components, location, test standards, advantages and disadvantages, as well as what should be considered when specifying shear elements are illustrated in this course.
CEM05C - Sponsored by California Expanded Metal Company / CEMCO
Introduction to Expanded Metal and Applications
Be able to describe the benefits of expanded metal and how it is installed, including what the current standards are. Learn how to write specifications using industry standard nomenclature on various patterns.
EMM05A - Sponsored by EMMA
Light-Gauge Steel Framing Connection Products: Specifying Tested Connection Products That Limit Liability
UPDATED! - Define the use of light-gauge steel framing connection products. Discuss practical applications of deflection clips, support clips, and the various methods of installation for different types of connectors.
DIE05F - Sponsored by ClarkDietrich Building Systems
Pedestrian Cable Railings: Guardrails with Cable Infill
NARRATED VIDEO - Discuss the unique design requirements for a railing using cable as a railing in-fill. Review the different types of cable construction methods, and explain the proper mounting and tension requirements when installing a pedestrian cable railing.
UTL05B - Sponsored by The Cable Connection Inc.
Proper Specification and Installation Recommendations for Structural Wall Framing
Review the IBC 2012 Code Compliance requirements for cold-formed structural studs and the minimum requirements per ASTM C955. The installation procedure for cold-formed structural studs per ASTM C1007 and fire-rated construction are described in this course.
DIE05J - Sponsored by ClarkDietrich Building Systems
Step Up to Safety
In this course you will learn how to select the appropriate pre-manufactured stair treads and nosings to improve the safety of your building stairway design. We will also go over how pre-manufactured stair treads and nosings can complement your building design and improve the safe means of egress from your building with proper installation.
NYS05B - Sponsored by Nystrom Building Products
Assuring Stucco Performance Using Non-Corrosive Components
NARRATED VIDEO - Find out how plastic accessories and components can enhance your stucco construction through strong and noncorrosive field performance, ease of handling, moisture resistance, and aesthetic.
PLC06A - Sponsored by Plastic Components
Fire Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW) For Commercial and Residential Structures
In this course, we will gain insight into the growing need for and use of fire retardant treated wood (FRTW). We will explore both interior and exterior FRTW and discuss treatment options. Through a review of applications, codes, and standards, the design professional will have a better understanding of how to incorporate FRTW into their next project.
VIA06B - Sponsored by Viance, LLC
Improving Timber Connections Through Design
Compare traditional mortise and tenon joinery with embedded timber connectors, and become familiar with the parts of a common frame, installation processes, and design for: tension, compression, and shear utilizing steel embedded connectors. This course will help you specify different styles of connectors for wood to wood, wood to concrete, and wood to steel connections.
TLX06A - Sponsored by Timberlinx
Innovative Column Options for the 21st century
Discover the innovative column options that are available today and the variety of materials that are used to create this classic product. Learn about the current trends that have affected columns in the construction industry.
HBG06C - Sponsored by HB&G Building Products
Laminated Timber Columns: Structural Characteristics
Gain insight into the makeup and characteristics of laminated timber columns and compare to other alternatives. Understand the importance of materials selection, production process, and testing.
COX06A - Sponsored by Cox Industries
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