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Compression-Seal Technology: A Sustainable Solution for High-Performance Windows and Doors
In this course we will review compression-seal technology for high-performance window and door systems through a discussion that includes definitions and application examples, performance benefits and several case studies.
REH08A - Sponsored by REHAU
Design of Large Exterior Openings
This course introduces successful design solutions for open able wall areas and the challenges associated with large openings. Learn the variations and flexibility of opening glass walls in different environments. Watch several videos that’ll enhance your understanding of this unique product.
NAN08A - Sponsored by Nana Wall Systems
Fire Rated Door Assemblies: Compliant Designs
This one hour course teaches the essentials of fire rated doors, frames, and hardware. Ensure your fire rated openings are compliant by learning about the applicable codes, requirements, and design considerations.
SDI08C - Sponsored by Steel Door Institute
Fire-Rated Doors and Frames
Develop a basic understanding of fire test requirements and processes for obtaining ratings on fire rated doors and frames. Become familiar with the hardware requirements, as well as the various fire rated door and frame applications including requirements for glazing, transoms and other components.
HMM08A - Sponsored by Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association
Installation and Storage of Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
Become familiar with the successful installation and operation of hollow metal doors and frames, as well as the requirements for the correct anchoring techniques, proper receipt, and recommended storage guidelines.
HMM08B - Sponsored by Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association
Prefinished Steel Door Frames
Identify a prefinished frame unit and compare the differences between prefinished frames and hollow metal frames. Discuss the advantages of factory painting and review the types of casings and hardware of prefinished steel door frames.
DUN08A - Sponsored by Dunbarton Corporation
Protect People and Property by Specifying Secure Doors and Frames
Every type of building requires protection against forced entry - and doors & frames are the first line of defense. Learn about finding the "just right" amount of security for your building projects and how to specify the doors and frames.
SDI08D - Sponsored by Steel Door Institute
Residential Garages and Overhead Doors
Trace back the history and development of the garage as an integral part of the home. Review the design solutions regarding planning and renovation, as well as information about door construction and installation.
CHI08B - Sponsored by C.H.I. Overhead Doors
Security Grille Door Solutions in the Design Project
This course about grille doors discusses different types of doors, materials the doors are made of and various operation choices available. It will help you decide which door to specify as you will learn which door is best for a particular plan. You will also learn about security features of these doors and ADA accessibility guidelines.
DYN08A - Sponsored by Dynamic Closures
Specialty Steel Doors: A Primer on Acoustic, Tornado, Stainless Steel and More
The strength of steel doors and frames offers unparalleled performance and protection. Available in stainless steel and faux finishes, they can add a stunning design element too. This course covers what you need to know about the variety of specialty steel doors that are available.
SDI08B - Sponsored by Steel Door Institute
Specifying Rolling Steel Fire Doors
Gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of rolling steel fire doors—ranging from code and regulatory bodies to fail-safe fire door definitions. This course will address NFPA 80 mandates, how to list and label definitions, approved installation standards, and fire wall construction details.
CHI08A - Sponsored by C.H.I. Overhead Doors
Steel Doors and Frames 101
Covers everything you need to know about steel doors and frames. Design professionals will learn how to choose doors with the ideal blend of cost, performance, and appearance for their projects.
SDI08A - Sponsored by Steel Door Institute
The Use of Sound Control Fenestrations in Building Design
This course will review the basic science of sound and sound control, including ratings of acoustic performance, testing & certification of acoustic fenestration products. Considerations and methods to utilize when designing buildings and their systems will be covered as well.
ATR08A - Sponsored by Prime Window Systems, LLC
Upward Acting Sectional Doors
NARRATED VIDEO – There are many factors to consider when selecting the right large opening door solution to specify. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of the types of large openings doors avaialable can make this decision easier. From fast-opening doors, to doors that maximize view, to doors that make a statement, discover how sectional doors provide an array of door solutions to meet your design needs.
CLO08A - Sponsored by Clopay
Abuse and Impact Resistant Gypsum: Stronger and Safer Walls
Analyze the different types of gypsum technologies in terms of composition, characteristics, and testing. Discover the benefits of impact resistant gypsum in terms of performance, application, and cost.
NGC09K - Sponsored by National Gypsum
Acoustically Enhanced Gypsum Board Designed for High STC Wall Assemblies
In this course, we explore sound transmission and acoustical requirements in buildings. Codes, standards, and design considerations are thoroughly reviewed. Acoustically enhanced gypsum board assemblies are evaluated as a solution for improving acoustics in multiple indoor environments.
NGC09L - Sponsored by National Gypsum
Architectural Protective Coatings: FEVE Technology
Explore different architectural coatings, specifically fluoropolymers, and their benefits. Learn how next-generation, fluoropolymer coating technology exhibits excellent weatherability, lowers maintenance costs, and is environmentally friendly.
AGC09A - Sponsored by AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.
Decorative, Dynamic Resinous Flooring Systems
NARRATED VIDEO - For designers, architects, specifiers, contractors, resinous fluid-applied flooring systems bring oth dynamic design options and increased durability to a project. The colors and application techniques blend for an unlimited variety of creative expression.

However, in order for the system to perform as expected, the correct process must be followed. In this course, the basics of resinous flooring systems are explained, along with step by step insights into the proper preparation and finishing techniques.

Please be sure to download and read the handout.
ECS09A - Sponsored by Elite Crete Systems
Equivalent (EQ) Coatings – How to Evaluate Compliance with Code Requirements
There are a lot of “opinions” and misinformation being bantered about regarding EQ coatings. This presentation will show you factually how the building code permits the use of equivalent (EQ) coatings and these new and innovative coatings actually provide you and your clients superior protection against corrosion. This presentation will address what you need to know about equivalent (EQ) coatings and how you should evaluate them to insure that you are getting a coating that will provide superior corrosion resistance than the conventional coatings used for the last quarter century and actually lessen your liability.
DIE05M - Sponsored by ClarkDietrich Building Systems
Extending Infrastructure Life Using FEVE Bridge Coatings
In this one hour course, we will discover the strengths and advantages of FEVE fluoropolymer topcoats for both new bridges and maintenance re-coating of existing bridges. We will review the decades-long history of real-time and accelerated testing of FEVE fluoropolymer coatings in Japan due to their extensive use on bridge infrastructure.
AGC09B - Sponsored by AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.
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