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Security Grille Door Solutions in the Design Project
This course about grille doors discusses different types of doors, materials the doors are made of and various operation choices available. It will help you decide which door to specify as you will learn which door is best for a particular plan. You will also learn about security features of these doors and ADA accessibility guidelines.
DYN08A - Sponsored by Dynamic Closures
Concrete Roof Tiles: The Natural Choice for Durability and Sustainability
NARRATED VIDEO - In this one hour course we will take an in-depth look at concrete roofing tiles including design options, manufacturing and installation processes, testing and code compliance, and finaly sustainable attributes and Life Cycle cost analysis.
EAG07A - Sponsored by Eagle Roofing Products
Modern Materials for Contemporary Design
NARRATED VIDEO - Today we are going to look at three contemporary high-end materials: aluminum, glass and high gloss acrylic. First, we will review the inherent qualities of each, then we will look at how each might be incorporated into your designs. We will review the design options of each application and how to specify these materials into your projects. And finally we will discuss the variety of building typologies in which these materijals can be utilized and look at a few case studies that have incorporated these materials in a comprehensive manner to achieve a truly dramatic contemporary design.
ELM12A - Sponsored by Element Designs
Decorative, Dynamic Resinous Flooring Systems
NARRATED VIDEO - For designers, architects, specifiers, contractors, resinous fluid-applied flooring systems bring oth dynamic design options and increased durability to a project. The colors and application techniques blend for an unlimited variety of creative expression.

However, in order for the system to perform as expected, the correct process must be followed. In this course, the basics of resinous flooring systems are explained, along with step by step insights into the proper preparation and finishing techniques.

Please be sure to download and read the handout.
ECS09A - Sponsored by Elite Crete Systems
Industrial Resinous Flooring Systems
NARRATED VIDEO - This program will give the participant an understanding of the many options available with high performance resinous floor coatings. By knowing these flooring systems, they will then be able to choose the correct flooring systems to meet their clients’ needs and expectations for both durability and aesthetics. We will also discuss the many components used in to create these high-performance floors along with their common uses. This discussion will also focus on describing the performance differences of each flooring system so that the participant can later be able to choose the correct system to meet even the most demanding project requirements. We will review case studies in order to help architects and specifiers to develop specifications that will include flooring systems which will meet their projects long term demands.
ECS09B - Sponsored by Elite Crete Systems
Introduction to Expanded Metal and Applications
Be able to describe the benefits of expanded metal and how it is installed, including what the current standards are. Learn how to write specifications using industry standard nomenclature on various patterns.
EMM05A - Sponsored by EMMA
Understanding Pyrolithic Stone Material
NARRATED VIDEO - Discover how nature continues to inspire and influence not just the design and fabrication of our building materials, but also the sustainability and performance of those materials. Learn how advancements in technology and the process of geomimicry are making the fabrication of higher-quality surfacing materials such as pyrolithic stone possible, which provide the architectural and stylistic advantages of natural stone (such as quartz and marble) with increased sustainability while overcoming performance drawbacks.
GEO12A - Sponsored by GEOLUXE
Innovative Column Options for the 21st century
Discover the innovative column options that are available today and the variety of materials that are used to create this classic product. Learn about the current trends that have affected columns in the construction industry.
HBG06C - Sponsored by HB&G Building Products
Fire-Rated Doors and Frames
Develop a basic understanding of fire test requirements and processes for obtaining ratings on fire rated doors and frames. Become familiar with the hardware requirements, as well as the various fire rated door and frame applications including requirements for glazing, transoms and other components.
HMM08A - Sponsored by Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association
Installation and Storage of Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
Become familiar with the successful installation and operation of hollow metal doors and frames, as well as the requirements for the correct anchoring techniques, proper receipt, and recommended storage guidelines.
HMM08B - Sponsored by Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association
Continuous Insulation: Spray Polyurethane Foam vs. Rigid Foam Board
The response by many architects has often been to use rigid foam board insulation located over the exterior structural face and behind exterior claddings.

While this may be a more traditional choice, it is not the only one.
In recent years, significant technology advancements and assembly fire testing results have made spray foam insulation a viable choice for exterior continuous insulation. In fact, closer review suggests that using field applied medium density spray foam insulation may be a better choice for many situations. This has been found to be true when looked at in terms of design flexibility, performance, construction efficiency, and cost.
ICY07B - Sponsored by Icynene, Inc.
An Introduction to BIM & Automated Specifications
NARRATED VIDEO – In this advanced one hour course, we will discuss Building Information Modeling and how this technology has optimized the building design process. We will take a more in depth look at how current specification management works and discuss an idea for improving the currently disjointed method. We will introduce automated specification management systems and present a tutorial to detail the features and functions of this new specification system. Finally, we will discuss best practices for introduciing automated specification management into you firm's workflow.
INT00A - Sponsored by InterSpec / eSPECS
Climate Zoned Cladding and Contemporary Commercial Solutions with Fiber Cement Siding
This course introduces new climate zoned cladding and illustrates panel cladding. Learn how this is helping designers meet emerging demands for contemporary commercial design aesthetics through a description on the benefits of fiber cement and the common selection criteria for siding options.
JHS07A - Sponsored by James Hardie Building Products, Inc.
Mechanical Parking Solutions for Modern Urban Density
An innovative solution to parking space, mechanical parking and the dependent access parking stackers’ uses and limitations are illustrated and described in this course to expand your knowledge on this unique product. Learn about the different types of parking stackers and how they work.
KMP14A - Sponsored by Klaus Multiparking, Inc.
Architectural Castings: Traditional Elegance & Tomorrow's History
NARRATED VIDEO – In this course you will learn about the history and evolution of bronze and brass castings and their impact on the world. From simple beginnings to modern day technology you will gain insight and understanding of the sand casting process. The benefits of cast metal signs and plaques will be identified versus other sign options. There are virtually unlimited options available for communicating your message with cast signs and plaques. You will also learn about the cost effectiveness, quick turnaround time, and long term benefits of using cast metal signs.
MDM05A - Sponsored by MARCOZA Castings
Designing Adhered Masonry Veneer
NARRATED VIDEO - This course will better inform the design professional on the differences betweena cavity wall and an adhered masonry veneer. We will also more closely examine the products in adhered masonry veneers and cover the installation techniques that improve overall wall performance
MOR04B - Sponsored by Mortar Net USA, Ltd.
Design of Large Exterior Openings
This course introduces successful design solutions for open able wall areas and the challenges associated with large openings. Learn the variations and flexibility of opening glass walls in different environments. Watch several videos that’ll enhance your understanding of this unique product.
NAN08A - Sponsored by Nana Wall Systems
Abuse and Impact Resistant Gypsum: Stronger and Safer Walls
Analyze the different types of gypsum technologies in terms of composition, characteristics, and testing. Discover the benefits of impact resistant gypsum in terms of performance, application, and cost.
NGC09K - Sponsored by National Gypsum
Acoustically Enhanced Gypsum Board Designed for High STC Wall Assemblies
In this course, we explore sound transmission and acoustical requirements in buildings. Codes, standards, and design considerations are thoroughly reviewed. Acoustically enhanced gypsum board assemblies are evaluated as a solution for improving acoustics in multiple indoor environments.
NGC09L - Sponsored by National Gypsum
Advantages of Using Cover Boards in Low-slope Roofing Assemblies
NARRATED VIDEO – This course will provide a brief overview of Low-Slope Roof Systems to provide the necessary background to discuss cover boards & thermal barriers.  The various cover board types and reasons for their use will be described. Each board type will be discussed along with their primary features, benefits & challenges. 

The long-term performance of all low-slope roof systems is impacted by a number of external factors such as weather events and roof system abuse (natural & man-made). Important roof component performance criteria will be discussed and conclusions drawn, in order to increase your knowledge surrounding cover board selection.
NGC07A - Sponsored by National Gypsum
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