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Frequently Asked Questions

My state requires proof of course completion. How do I get a certificate of completion?

1. Once you pass a course conclusion quiz with a grade of 80% or higher, you'll find an online certificate of completion immediately on the screen that can be printed or saved for your records.
2. An email confirmation will be sent to the email address you have provided in establishing your ronblank.com account
3. The best way to retrieve your certificate of completion is through the ronblank.com website. Simply login; Beneath the login you can then click the “View Transcript” link. All courses you have passed will have a certificate of completion available to view and print directly from your transcript.

How many credits will I receive?
Generally, you will receive one (1) credit for each course successfully completed. Successful completion is a score of 80% or better on the final exam. Our courses qualify for 60 minutes of education. Generally, 60 minutes of educational activity is equivalent to 1 AIA Learning Unit (LU), 1 Professional Development Unit (PDH). or 1/10 Continuing Education Unit (CEU). A point one CEU (.1) is equal to one hour or one LU Hour. One CEU is equal to ten hours or 10 LU Hours. State definitions vary so please refer to your licensing board for specific criteria. All of our courses qualify for Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) credit.
What is your privacy policy?
We never make our database available to third parties. Your personal information is not distributed to mailing lists. Our courses are the equivalent of electronic brown bag seminars. That means you sign in to confirm attendance and we use the information to process credits. The only parties with access to your information are RBA, Inc. and the course sponsors. Both RBA and the course sponsors use your information to process your continuing education credits and update our provider transcripts. Sponsors receive course reports for their respective courses. These reports include your contact information (for demographic studies and verification purposes) but none of your professional information (registration numbers). If you feel your privacy has been violated, send us an email requesting removal and we will delete your record from the database.
Can I retake the same courses every year and receive continuing education credit?
Yes, you can retake the same courses every year but you will NOT receive credit. The AIA, and most US states, require you wait 3 years to receive credit for a repeat program. However, if the sponsor modifies the program (at least 25%) and we change the program number, the course is available for credit. Before you take a course, review your RBA or AIA transcript to verify the course numbers. We review courses every year with the subject matter experts to assure the material is the most current. During reviews, we often make revisions. When we revise courses, we resubmit the new course to AIA for approval and post the course with a new course number. Our best efforts to bring you accurate information do not supercede the professional responsibility to act prudently. Please read our content disclaimer for course liability restrictions.
How do I know if my state has mandatory continuing education?
One way to find out if your state has a mandatory continuing education requirement is to contact your state board. Another way is to visit the AIA website at this link and follow the information to the states you do business in. http://aia.org/education/ces/mcechart/AIAS074700
How do you report credits to the AIA?
Every time you complete a course, our database records your course completion and then forwards an email with your AIA number, name and course information to two people (RBA Office Manager and RBA Web administrator). We have triple back-up documentation of your credits. Every Friday, our Office Manager processes your credit through the AIA transcript office online via an electronic course attendance upload. Upon receipt, the AIA system will match the course participant information (name and AIA number) with provider information (RBA) and update your transcript. Despite the available electronic efficiency, it's not unusual for this process to take 2-3 weeks. If you suspect an RBA processing error, contact us. If you suspect an AIA reporting error contact the transcript office at AIAMemberCareCES@aia.org. You can also check your RBA and AIA transcripts online anytime.
Will you report my state credits?
No, we do not report your LU credits for your states with MCE. We only process credits through the AIA. After successfully completing a course you can view and print your certificate of completion, a notification is sent to your email address for your records. To view or print one from the RBA transcript center (account management). Please use your username and password to login and update your information. If you wish to receive a hard copy of your certificate please contact Carol Davis. Please send all requests through email or call 800-248-6364, include your "Name" and the "Course Title". and "Number". I received an affidavit for one course but not for the another I took. Am I going to receive credit for both?

Yes, you will receive credit. For new courses or courses we randomly audit, we email affidavits asking you to verify the relative time spent viewing a course. We audit courses to confirm the time spent so we can award appropriate credit. If the average time to complete a course is more than 1 hour, we can offer more credit for the course. Likewise, if the average time is less than 1 hour, we have to add content.
How can you offer courses for FREE? What's the catch?
Our courses are free for design professionals because our sponsors fund the effort. Our sponsors use the online course to supplement their face-to-face seminars.
Should I self report my credits?
Not if you're an AIA member, we will process your credits for you. All AIA/CES providers are REQUIRED to process credits for AIA members. If you encounter a provider who expects you to self-report, please notify the AIA.
Yes. If you're NOT an AIA member, you need to self-report your credits to your organization/association. RBA provides certificates of completion which can be retrieved via your transcript upon login.
Are the online courses available in other delivery methods?
Some courses are also available as Lunch & Learn courses provided by InfoSpec, Inc. If you would like to receive a Face-to-Face presentation from one of our sponsors or providers, contact us (give us your name, firm name, and preferred contact method...email, phone, etc.) and we'll have a representative contact you to schedule a program. We also offer our CE Academy seminars provided by CE Academy, Inc. which works with over 50 AIA components nationwide each year. If you wish to find out when we will be in your area please contact CE Academy.
What classification of learning activity are the online courses?
Presently, all of our courses are passive activities that meet the self-directed study requirement for the individual state boards. Although AIA sets no limits on the number of self-directed study programs, most states limit the amount of self-directed coursework for credit. As technology evolves, so too will our interaction as well as our course activity.
Why do I get an Internal Server Error?
To use the test feature of our website, you must enable javascript & cookies in your browser. The temporaray cookie keeps your account open during login and permits the test feature to write your score to the online database. If you disable cookies, you will receive a "Internal Server Error" when the test attempts to write to the database.

To enable cookies & javascript in Microsoft Internet Explorer: Enable Cookies: From the menu bar, select <Tools>, <Internet Options>. Select the "Security" tab. Select the "Internet" zone. Click the "Custom Level" button. Under the "Cookies" heading, select "Enable" for both options.
Enable Javascript: <Tools>, <Internet Options>. Select the "Security" tab. Select the "Internet" zone. Click the "Custom Level" button. Under the "Scripting" heading, select "Enable" for all options.
What do I do if I get User Get Failed Error?
If you get a User Get Failed Error message after submitting the test please make sure that you have your browser set to accept cookie handling. To set please do the following:
1. While using Internet Explorer go to Tools and scroll down to Internet Options.
2. Go to the Privacy Tab and around the middle of the screen you should see a button labled Advanced, click on it.
3. Make sure that Override cookie handling is checked and both First and Third party cookies are set to accept.
4. Click OK and then close your browser. Then open Internet Explorer and go and take as many test and courses as you want, you are set.
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