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Create an effective marketing campaign by advertising to specification writers, project architects, and decision makers. Design professional’s invaluable and highly sought after expertise is based on research they conduct primarily online. Specification of your product starts here.

Ron Blank & Associates, Inc. will help your company market your products and services. Put your product in front of more than 145,000 Design Professionals. With online and printed product advertising through RBA you have multiple ways of reaching your target audience: RBA newsletters, banner ads, RBA Updater and featured product listings.

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RBA maintains a database of more than 145,000 design professionals, including specification writers, architects, engineers, and interior designers. Our weekly newsletters reach over 90,000 RBA subscribers who learn about new online and face-to-face courses, CE Academy events, and new manufacturers' products. Through RBA’s exclusivity and limited ad placement offerings, your company message will stand out. There are three options for marketing through the weekly RBA newsletter. RBA offers special package prices for combined or multiple listings. These products provided by Ron Blank & Associates, Inc., InfoSpec, Inc. and CE Academy, Inc.
Newsletter Advertising Schedule
A signed contract and artwork must be received no later than fifteen days prior to the Monday the scheduled Newsletter advertisement is to
be sent. Client approval must be received prior to the Thursday before the scheduled Monday Newsletter is to go out. All newsletter ads and listings will be sent one time to the RBA newsletter subscribers. Specific scheduling is subject to availability.
Newsletter Advertising Specifications
All Newsletter advertisement must be saved at Web resolution of 72 dpi using RGB color settings. Acceptable image file formats include
gif, jpg, png or tif. Animated gifs, Flash files or sound files are not accepted. Banners that link to websites external to RonBlank.com will open a new browser window.
Newsletter ad size
Featured product or course and leaderboard ad size
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