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RBA’s Architectural Specification Program, or ASP is our core program and has been the backbone of our success as a company since 1985. Through this program, our architectural specification representatives meet one on one with spec writers and other design professionals at the largest A&E firms across the U.S. who make decisions about what building products are specified in their projects.
Your product could be one of several that are presented to each decision maker every time our reps visit with a design professional. This gives you an edge over your competition, build product and brand awareness, establishes you as the product expert, and opens the door for your team to follow up with that design professional and follow through to the specification of your products.
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Ron Blank & Associates, Inc. makes product presentations directly to design professionals including architects, engineers, and interior designers, many of whom are specification writers. RBA representatives, once trained by your team thoroughly about your product, will present and promote your products to insure that the design professionals and spec writers understand their features, benefits, and applications. During our presentation we ask that your company’s product(s) be included in their office master specifications. A firm’s master specification is used to prepare numerous project manuals, meaning the products listed are specified time after time. We also work directly with the project managers to have your products specified on specific projects. When design professionals identify these potential projects for us they are reported directly to you as a lead. RBA builds product name recognition for your company. We want the design professional to think of your company when your type of product is discussed or can be specified on a particular project…

Our representatives will present the unique benefits of your product to the spec writer early in the project design process, during pre-design, and at times during the conceptual stage of a project. We try to get a proprietary specification for your product, which will have enormous "holding power." Ron Blank & Associates, Inc. are your "eyes and ears" for upcoming projects in the design stage that have great potential for possible specification. We discover and report jobs before the competition finds out about them. RBA gives your company instant credibility with design professionals. They know we are reliable and will answer questions, solve problems, or assist with specifications.
We order catalogs, specifications, samples, and request box lunch presentations from you on behalf of the design professionals to assist them in product selection and for writing their project specifications. RBA has a national presence at the annual CSI Convention, AIA Expo, the GreenBuild Show, and the International Builder’s Show, in addition to other category specific conventions where your products are featured.
10 Reasons to have RBA make your Architecture Firm Calls

1. You are overworked. It is impossible to get all the projects on your desk done, much less make thousands of architectural calls to get your product specified.

2. Your staff is overextended. Your staff and reps are busy calling on customers, dealers, distributors, and architects when they have time. Putting out fires everyday is their major problem. They can’t make all the necessary spec calls either.

3. RBA gets through the spec writers door. The architects, project managers, and spec writers see only the reps that they have built up relationships over many years. Getting to see a spec writer without knowing him in a large design firm is like winning the lottery, it’s not going to happen easily. RBA has the connections and reputation for 27 years to get through the gatekeepers to the decision makers.

4. Your reps don’t speak the language of the spec writer. They don’t know how to discuss 3-part CSI specifications, or how to assist in writing a quality spec section for your products. Let our team of specification consultants approach them on their level about your products.

5. Your reps may not be equipped with the latest technologies such as Ipads, with specification applications and graphics that architects need to understand product applications. Product guide specs and project photos on high resolution screens make architects pay attention and ask the right questions.

6. Unlike our specification consultants many reps do not have degrees in architecture or engineering, or understand the full scope of project manuals and plans. They struggle to answer technical questions when helping write a specification section.

7. Reps dislike making architectural calls because architects don’t sign purchase orders. Calling on a designer for future projects they may not get paid for makes reps spend their time selling current projects they get paid on. They aren’t interested as much in spending any time on future projects.

8. Reps are expensive. Salary, cars, travel, hotels, laptops, benefits, and all their other expenses can cost over $150,000 a year. RBA can make quality professional calls for a small percentage of this. And get results.

9. Guaranteed established cost for spec calls you can budget for. RBA provides a monthly fee to make the contracted architectural calls professionally. No hidden costs or budget busting.

10. RBA works to get your products in the firm’s masterspec. Your products are specified on numerous projects instead of one at a time.

Make the best decision and hire RBA to make your architectural calls today. Call Ron Blank at 800-248-6364 for a 12 page brochure on how to get specified, or use the contact form below!

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